BasecampSFH Videos

BasecampSFH Videos

Sara + Chris: Why Basecamp SFH?

BasecampSFH homeowners Sara + Chris talk about the first big steps in owning a new home, and why BasecampSFH is so special. Find out more at

Paul + Kara: Why BasecampSFH?

BasecampSFH homeowners Paul + Kara talk about their growing family and why BasecampSFH is so special. Find out more at

Basecamp SFH Drone Video: Delivering Homes Now!

Watch the drone video from 2016 for Basecamp SFH!

BasecampSFH Home Tour A joint venture that includes Ranquist Development is building 48 new single-family homes in Old Irving Park, priced from the low $500s. The 4- to 5-bedroom, 3- or 4-bath homes have the obsessive focus on design and flexibility to suit urban lifestyles that have become a Ranquist trademark.

Basecamp SFH Drone Video: Site Tour

Welcome to Basecamp SFH, 48 unique single family homes in the heart of Chicago's Old Irving Park neighborhood. Enjoy our new drone-shot video, filmed and edited by Teddy Waffles. For more information visit BASECAMPSFH.COM.

Old Irving Park Neighborhood Tour

Check out all of the interesting aspects of Chicago's Old Irving Park neighborhood, where Basecamp SFH is located.

New Homes In Old Irving Park: Nothing Beats New!

New Homes In Old Irving Park: Nothing Beats New!

Ranquist Development is a big believer in building smart new homes. New homes, with edgy architecture and intelligent engineering, designed for a new way of living in Chicago.

There's a mantra at Ranquist Development – Nothing Beats New. Basecamp SFH was born from this philosophy… built from the ashes of an old football helmet factory, renewing 4 acres of prime land within the great neighborhood of Old Irving Park.

Basecamp SFH is ALL NEW. New street, new dedicated park, 48 new homes, new garages, new yards, new neighbors, new community, and a great new way to live in the city of big shoulders.


Basecamp SFH Delivers Exactly What Smart Home Buyers Want

Nothing Beats New means the homebuyer is not only the first one to occupy the home, it means the home buyer not only gets exactly what they want, but also what the NEED. Ranquist Development works with Chicago's best architects to design spaces for modern lifestyles, yet also offers limited customization options for each home.

Nothing Beats New Means No Hidden Surprises

Worried about that water heater going out on a cold day? Wondering how long until the air conditioning quits? Forget about all of it. Nothing Beats New means there are no hidden surprises for home buyers. A new home at Basecamp SFH holds no surprises, just the abundant joy and happiness that comes from a new home. Let's save the surprises for our birthday gifts.

Single Family Homes Built to Stringent Environmental Standards

Nothing Beats New means these new homes are built to high environmental standards. There is better performing HVAC, better insulation, low VOC paint, better performing windows, and new lead free water lines. About the only thing that is not new at Basecamp SFH is the recycled concrete and asphalt used to create the new road and home foundations. But even that is a new way of thinking about road building and renewing yesterdays rubbish and waste, and putting it to good use.

Best in Class Transit Oriented Development

Nothing Beats New means these homes are poised to support a new way of living in Chicago. Basecamp SFH is a Transit Oriented Development (TOD), situated in one of Chicago's oldest neighborhoods, Old Irving Park. Basecamp SFH is built on one of the last large parcels of land available on the northside of Chicago, and it's breathing new life into the neighborhood. By finding the proper balance between TOD density and building homes for people to set down roots in a real community, this innovative project points to a new way for future urban developments to deliver more to residents for less money.

Nothing Beats New Means Peace of Mind

Nothing Beats New is a philosophy that caters to smart home buyers who want great design, clean and contemporary spaces, and great materials and construction. Nothing Beats New delivers incredible value for new home buyers. On the surface, it's economic value that makes sense. Beneath the shiny new surface, Nothing Beats New means delivering the peace of mind and assurance that ONLY a wisely designed and built home can offer.

Register now to make an appointment to see your new home today.

Q & A with the Developers of Basecamp SFH

Q & A with the Developers of Basecamp SFH

For more than 20 years, the former Riddell football helmet factory sat vacant, yet was directly adjacent to one of the more desirable locations in Chicago: Old Irving Park. The contrast of a walkable, family oriented neighborhood to an abandoned factory, separated by only one city street, was striking.

Ranquist Development saw many of the vital ingredients necessary for a design-forward single family home project. Old Irving is a neighborhood on the rise; with an established community of homeowners and a renewed shopping and retail district. It's close to downtown Chicago, with immediate access to a Metra line.

Ranquist has built a reputation from developing similar projects in other neighborhoods which offer high design and function, at an attainable price, for today's sophisticated buyer. Basecamp SFH represents the best in this new trend of urban development, setting the example for what future projects can do for neighborhoods. This is absolutely the most exciting time to be in Chicago’s Old Irving Park neighborhood.

We took a peek into the developers’ minds and discovered even more about why Basecamp SFH offers an unrivaled home buying opportunity for forward thinking home buyers.


Q&A with the Developers

Nick Stocking, Zev Salomon and Bob Ranquist

Nick Stocking, Zev Salomon and Bob Ranquist

What does “adding gravity to neighborhoods” mean to a new homebuyer?

Gravity means momentum. For us, this is about building a project that sparks momentum in a neighborhood to evolve and develop and ultimately become an amazing place to live. A project like Basecamp SFH provides the spark, the residents take care of the rest.

Why Basecamp SFH instead of condominiums?

When you really think about it, condos can be a real nightmare for buyers. Maybe it’s called Fee Simple for a reason. Single family homes at Basecamp SFH offer more space, more yard, more land, and more bedrooms for the same price as a condo in Logan Square, Bucktown or Lakeview…all without all of the headaches and expenses of a condo association, noisy neighbors, and the risk of special assessments.

What are some of the custom options that make Basecamp unique?

Our kitchens are custom designed by an award winning Chicago architect and are locally manufactured. They are Danish modern inspired with interesting ledges, custom pulls, and layouts that are totally unique to these homes. This is where we try to separate our projects from the competition. A vast majority of developers in Chicago are complacent when it comes to taking design risks. We take the risk because it gives our buyers a big reward. Ranquist has built a reputation for taking exactly these risks and garnering a strong following.


The houses are fairly close to the Metra line, what extra steps have you taken to reduce the train noise?

Our windows facing the train have a beefed up STC rating, which basically means it’s going to be very quiet. We feel the train is a huge advantage for the project. Getting downtown, or out to the suburbs quickly, and car-less, is just one of the projects great advantages. Bolstering productivity, reducing stress, saving money, and helping the environment are certainly positive benefits.

How did the design of the project evolve?

To us, “design” means not just aesthetics, but also utility, value and function for the user. The project was originally designed by a previous owner to be very traditional inside and out. The spaces, as previously designed, didn’t function properly for modern, urban families.





We opened up living spaces, created larger window openings, and created more volume of space with higher ceilings. Basecamp SFH homes have more light into the finished lower levels. We think a modern, gabled home with a Danish modern kitchen looks pretty sharp. The look doesn't really exist in Chicago in a project of this size. But if you follow architecture, you know modern, gabled homes elsewhere are having their moment right now. But we start with function. Function always trumps aesthetics, in a new home.

Why are these new homes such a great value?

Single family homes at Basecamp SFH offer more space, more yard, more land, and more bedrooms for the same price as a condo in Logan Square, Bucktown or Lakeview. Basecamp SFH homes are new… and nothing beats new. 

Can you tell us more about “transit oriented development”, and why the trend is important to a new home buyer?

The basic concept of Transit oriented development, or TOD, is to enact zoning which allows more density in close proximity to mass transit, which causes a ripple effect...creating more walkable, thriving neighborhoods with a mix of residential, retail, office and education. It’s meant to reduce traffic and improve the environment, and connect neighbors on a more local level. (For any of the aspiring urban planners out there, TOD’s in theory are not the same as theories of new urbanism.)

TOD Map for Basecamp SFH

TOD Map for Basecamp SFH

Basecamp SFH is in a TOD zone, with direct access to a Metra train, and just a short 8 min walk the CTA Blue Line. We just got a new Divvy Station installed as well, about 100ft from the project. The homes at Basecamp SFH were designed to be smaller, more efficient dwellings to remain affordable, yet without sacrificing room count, lifestyle or aesthetic.

Simply put, with the TOD at Basecamp SFH, you get more bang for your buck.

Can a buyer customize a floor plan above and beyond what is offered on the website?

Yes, of course. We have the ability to tailor these homes to the needs of every buyer.

Can a home buyer expect to see more development north of the project site?

Yes, and that’s a good thing. More retail and neighborhood amenities, and more residential is in the works. The city is growing and becoming less affordable every day. Old Irving and the surrounding neighborhoods still offer a great value without sacrificing on location. Old Irving Park is a hidden gem, 10-15 minutes from everything Chicago has to offer, yet is still extremely affordable in comparison to other established north-side neighborhoods like Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Bucktown or Logan Square.

What are some of your favorite aspects of the Old Irving Park neighborhood?

We just love all of the awesome new concepts opening in the neighborhood which will join Old Irving Brewery, Community Tavern, Bread + Wine, and Smoque.

Plus, there is new retail planned for Old Irving’s six corners. These conveniences, along with one of the most walkable, prettiest residential neighborhoods being right across the street, make Basecamp SFH very compelling,

The new homes are quickly selling. Do you have any fully finished units available for folks who need to move quickly?

Yes! For the Spring 2017 market, we had 9 finished model homes, fully upgraded and ready for move in. As of early February, we've already sold 2. Only 7 remain, form $450K to $600K. We planned for this folks who need to move more quickly.

(You can view a list of finished homes here.)

Milwaukee Ave. is so crowded and congested further south in Logan Square, and there seems to be no end in sight. How is it different in Old Irving?

The community groups in Old Irving, and the alderman, would never allow the type of density and residential rental development that has been approved in Logan Square. It’s different in Old Irving Park, and the community is committed to its open space, and the friendly feel of its neighborhood.

How are the martinis at the The Booze Hound, also walking distance?

I’ve heard the martinis are terrible. In fact, they may ask you to leave if you order one. But the selection of craft beer is very strong, yet inexpensive. Plenty of brown liquor, served with a smile. It’s a great, local dive bar with a lot of character.

How do you and your partners choose sites?

We look at neighborhoods where people are pioneering in where they choose to live or open businesses. We also stay close to public transportation. We follow the artists, creative people, and entrepreneurs and keep an eye on where new concepts locate in the food and beverage arena. Old Irving Park has all of this going on, yet was still very much under the radar. It felt exactly right.

So far, who are your buyers? New families? Older couples moving back to the city?

We are getting people of all stripes and age. They are coming from pricier neighborhoods looking for more space. They care about design, and our buyers want things that are well made and thoughtful. They also care about community. They like the idea of being a part of something new, something up and coming, yet nestled in an established part of town. It’s very rare to find that critical mass of like-minded people all wanting the same thing, yet from very different backgrounds.

Are there any other developments like Basecamp in Chicago?

Not really. Inspiration was gathered from the West Coast, specifically this project in LA called Blackbirds. There's also this cool project in Austin we just came across. Both are designed using new zoning rules for greater density, but serve urban families, like Basecamp SFH. However, Basecamp SFH is unique to Chicago, and we’re proud of what is going on there.

Blackbirds LA

Blackbirds LA

How is the unique architecture of Basecamp helping to rejuvenate the Old Irving Park neighborhood?

Well, we’re not done with the project yet, and of course time will tell, but we hope that it will inspire more people to see the potential of Old Irving Park as it goes through some interesting, progressive transformations. It feels good to know your neighborhood reflects your values. Architecture is a big part of that. We hope Basecamp SFH can provide exactly that kind of confirmation for years to come.

This is a really convenient location. Can you tell home buyers more about the location as it relates to commuting times to the loop, O’Hare, and the Lakefront?

Whether you do Metra, CTA, Uber, or your own car. Expect a 10 to 20-minute commute downtown, to the many fortune 500 companies along the suburban train line, to the lake, or O’Hare. Remember also that within walking distance you have some really great food + bev options, grocery, Walgreens and other amenities right in the neighborhood.

With ‘Green’ initiatives becoming increasingly important to home buyers, how are you addressing energy efficiency in design and architecture at Basecamp?

Green design reached its tipping point with the development community as a whole a while ago. We enable green design whenever we can in every aspect of our projects because the market demands it and is willing to pay for it. Regulations require it. Low VOC paint, carpeting, energy efficient appliances, HVAC and windows. Sustainable materials. It’s just an assumed way of building now.

For this specific project, we’re going above and beyond, and setting the example for the future. The framing and above-grade structural components of the homes are panelized offsite, and delivered ready for assembly onsite. This leads to less waste and less garbage hauled off site. We can deliver a finished home more quickly, reducing costs, which we pass along to the buyer. Plus the materials actually have less defects when built offsite in a climate controlled facility.

The 4-acre land site was designed to be environmentally sensitive in many ways, which is also above and beyond most other projects. We recycled concrete from the demolished old industrial building and use the recycled concrete as structural fill for the new roads and alleys. The alleys have permeable concrete that acts as an underground reservoir for storm water. Slowing down storm water from going back into the city system reduces the chances of a storm water release into the lake. We splashed the downspouts of our homes, instead of tying them into the storm system, for the same reason.

We created as many soft landscaping areas, including our private park, as possible. This all adds up to a significant improvement for the environment.

Rendering of private park.

Rendering of private park.


What can people do who are interested in seeing homes at Basecamp?

Register with us, and schedule a time to visit the project!



A Wave of Development Moving North

A Wave of Development Moving North

When it comes to finding neighborhoods on the rise, smart property developers follow creative people. Having seen a recent influx of artists, chefs, crafts men and women, entrepreneurs and more, Old Irving Park has proven to be the next great find. And Old Irving Park happens to sit directly in the path of the continued wave of development pushing north out of Chicago.

Projects happening now in Wicker Park, Bucktown and Logan Square. Source: Curbed Chicago

Projects happening now in Wicker Park, Bucktown and Logan Square. Source: Curbed Chicago

Consider the recent revival of Logan Square, where Chicago's fast changing population is now paying a lot more for a lot less. More is on the way – along with the congestion that comes with it. There has been little development in the way of single-family homes… until now. 

Basecamp SFH in Old Irving Park reflects a truly innovative use of space, changing a once industrial site in to 48 single-family homes, designed for people who care about style and value. At Basecamp SFH, buyers have the chance to own 4 to 6 bedroom homes with a garage, a yard and so much more -- for the same price as two and three bedroom condominiums in the neighborhoods immediately next-door.

Location Location Location

When you consider the rapid development of Old Irving Park neighbors like Logan Square and Avondale just to the south, and the already the high prices of Lakeview, Roscoe Village, Bucktown and Wicker Park – it’s easy to see where growth is happening. A short hop north reveals Old Irving Park and Basecamp SFH, with a lot less congestion and a lot more character – a neighborhood poised to be the next big thing.

Basecamp SFH bucks the "pay more for less space" trend by offering luxurious single-family homes on a newly built street with private yards, garages, and a dedicated community park… all at an attainable price that simply cannot be found anywhere else on Chicago's north side.

Old Irving Park is New Again

Old Irving Park has a great motto – “Great Neighborhoods Don’t Just Happen”. So our process for establishing a new development like Basecamp SFH has required considerable planning and interaction with the community. Recent investments have made this neighborhood an exciting, sought after, and now, an established corner of a world-class city.

We have designed Basecamp SFH to add to the texture and thoughtful evolution of Old Irving Park, a neighborhood that abounds with charm and combines the best of urban amenities with a small town family feel. As development continues to grow northward along Milwaukee Avenue, and Old Irving Park continues to renew itself, you can rest assured that Basecamp SFH is one of the few places that will maintain its unique character, and remain a special place to enjoy city life.

Old Irving Park offers many incredible amenities to its residents including high-end grocery stores, and an abundance of unique shops within walking distance. A growing and diverse selection of restaurants ranging from legendary old school Italian like Sabatino's and La Villa, to new foodie havens like Smoque BBQ, Arun’s Thai, Bow Truss Coffee Roasters, Old Irving Brewing, as well as the Portage Theater and other great night life options. The re-development of 6 Corners Shopping District only adds to the convenience and appeal of this community, and promises to increase the value of Old Irving Park to neighborhood residents and the city as a whole.

Smart Buyers, Smart Design

As developers, we know that people want to know their neighbors and live in an atmosphere that fosters a meaningful sense of community. Basecamp SFH is designed to deliver exactly that. We believe we’ve achieved what we set out to do with Basecamp SFH… creating homes for discerning urbanites that aspire to live a modern simple life and continue to flourish.

Basecamp is Delivering New Homes Now

Fall in love with a new house at Basecamp SFH in Old Irving Park. Give us a call, or get in touch to arrange a personal viewing.

Pardon Our Progress. BasecampSFH Is Hard At Work.

Pardon Our Progress. BasecampSFH Is Hard At Work.

Major Milestones in the Construction of BasecampSFH

May 2015: Property Acquired.

The 4 acre property, a former Riddell football helmet factory, had been sitting vacant for decades.

August 2015: Demolition commences.

We made quick work the existing 90,000 square foot building.

September 2015: Environmental Work.

An EPA "No Further Action" certification for residential homes is in the works.

September 2015: Site Activation Branding.

The remaining buildings get a fresh coat of paint to display our exciting BasecampSFH brand. 

October 2015: Concrete Recycling Commences.

Most of the old building's concrete foundations and floor slabs were sifted, crushed and recycled for use as stone backfill under the streets and homes.

December 2015: First Foundations, Lots 1-5.

Our first homes deliver in April/May 2016.

January 2016: Commenced Foundations For Lots 43-47.

Excited to offer new single family homes with unique private driveways.

March 2016: Commenced Foundations For Lots 6-12.

Some of our largest lots and special B homes are now under construction.

April 2016: Drywall, Wood Flooring, Cabinetry + Tile For Lots 1-4.

They are really starting to come together!

May 2016: Furnished Model Complete.

Schedule your tour!

June 2016: First Unit Closings.

Our new 48 unit community is officially occupied. 

July 2016: New Street Gets Poured.

1700 linear feet of new tree lined street to serve BasecampSFH residents.

September 2016: BasecampSFH almost 40% sold. 6 Units Closed.

Buyers can see the potential of this new community and stepping up to sign contracts!


Basecamp SFH Model Grand Opening Party

Basecamp SFH Model Grand Opening Party

After a lot of hard work by the entire Ranquist Development team, we were proud to finally unveil our furnished model to agents and homebuyers on July 14th, 2016. Check out the picks courtesy of Fotio! Thanks to Community Tavern and Cochinita Taco Co. for the culinary treats and drinks.

Miss the party, but interested in learning more about Chicago's most exciting new single family community? Contact us to schedule a tour.

Furnished Model Home Now Open at Basecamp SFH

Furnished Model Home Now Open at Basecamp SFH

CHICAGO, IL– Ranquist Development Group and Stocking Urban, LLC have announced that the furnished model home at Basecamp SFH is now open. Located at 3708 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Basecamp SFH consists of 48 unique contemporary single family four and five bedroom homes that have been masterfully designed by Pappageorge Haymes Partners. The model home serves as the sales center for the development.

“We are so pleased to introduce Basecamp SFH to the neighborhood, buyers, and the brokerage community,” said Nick Stocking, Principal of Stocking Urban, LLC. He continued, “Using the model home as our sales center showcases these unique homes and a new vision for city living.  Increasingly, buyers who want to stay in the city, aren’t finding the type of home they want. They are embracing the trend toward more efficient dwellings in walkable neighborhoods. Basecamp SFH offers that option in a classic Chicago neighborhood, Old Irving Park.”

“What Basecamp SFH offers is not only a lifestyle, but a sense of community, with its own streets and park, the developers have found a way to thoughtfully blend private, semi-private and public spaces within the city. We are so excited to share Basecamp SFH with our Old Irving Park friends and neighbors.”

Featuring stylish open floor plans, high-end finishes, private, fenced-in grassy yards, and detached garages, the residences at Basecamp are built to accommodate both a luxurious and efficient way of living. Basecamp SFH is conveniently located at 3700 N. Milwaukee Avenue, near the Blue Line and Metra trains.

The model is a four-bedroom home with a contemporary open living and dining area, cathedral ceilings, a lower level family room and a two-car garage. The first floor includes the living room, dining room and kitchen. Kitchens feature custom contemporary cabinetry, quartz countertops, stainless steel undermount sink, Hansgrohe Focus faucet and stainless steel appliances. White oak flooring with a natural stain is used throughout the kitchen, living room and dining room.

The second floor offers three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The bathrooms feature 12” x 24” porcelain floor tiles and 3” x 6” porcelain shower walls, contemporary custom vanities, Duravit Vero sinks, Hansgrohe Metris S and Grohe Concetto faucets, a frameless glass shower, a MAAX Rubix tub plus shower and Toto toilets.

The lower level includes a family room and bedroom that are carpeted and a bathroom with porcelain tile flooring, a Villeroy & Boch sink, Grohe Concetto faucet, shower and Toto toilet as well as a generous laundry area.

Green features include high efficiency American Standard or equivalent Energy Star furnaces with air conditioning and humidifier, Energy Star appliances, Nest programmable digital thermostats, dual flush toilets and low VOC paint.

“We’ve seen that these homes are what buyers in the city are looking for,” said Rafael Robles, a broker representing Basecamp SFH. “They want a space they can call their own, but they also want to feel connected to the city. These homes provide that opportunity, while also encapsulating unmatched design and efficiency.”

Fifteen of the 48 Basecamp SFH homes have been pre-sold. Pricing starts in the mid $500s and first closings start this month in June. Homes are available and can be ready for occupancy in 45 days or less. To learn more about Basecamp SFH, please visit

Contact us today to find out how Basecamp SFH could be perfect for your next move!

Otherwise Inc. Brands BasecampSFH

Otherwise Inc. Brands BasecampSFH

Ranquist Development Group understands the ideal BasecampSFH buyer cares about design, value and community. We pride ourselves in being meticulous about all aspects of project design: architecture, structural, landscaping, and of course, branding. When a project's brand is on point, it naturally speaks to the our buyers with authenticity. It just feels right.

Last fall we enlisted Otherwise Inc., one of Chicago's premier creative brand consultants for real estate, to breathe life into the BasecampSFH brand. 

Check out the results below! Click here to see more work from Otherwise Inc.


BasecampSFH Logo Development:

Old Logo

Old Logo

Otherwise Iteration #1

Otherwise Iteration #1

Final Logo + Color Variations. Fun fact: the new logo shape mimics the actual shape of the project site. 

Final Logo + Color Variations. Fun fact: the new logo shape mimics the actual shape of the project site. 

Check out some of Otherwise's other contenders that ultimately hit the cutting room floor:

Site Activation: Otherwise saw a huge opportunity onsite to show buyers a hint of things to come and to add plausibility to the future project. However the "canvas" they were working with was a collection of industrial buildings on 4 acres of industrial land. It was pretty rough, but the results were killer.













More site activation pics:

Check out a selection of marketing materials produced for the project:

GIF's! (for the record, pronounced with a hard "G" folks):

Design matters. Clean, contemporary spaces using great materials in an urban setting is what Ranquist is all about. The BasecampSFH brand reflects this focus and energy. Curious to learn more?

New Eats, New Drinks, New Irving

New Eats, New Drinks, New Irving

Old Irving Park has quickly become the destination of choice for some of the most interesting new food and bev concepts in the city. It's clear these restaurant entrepreneurs see Old Irving Park as a hidden gem, an established neighborhood filled with untapped customers.

Bowtruss Coffee Roasters: 

Because drinking Starbucks is so 2004. This coffee upstart has major expansion plans in the Chicago area. They'll be a 10 minute walk from Basecamp SFH.

Lou Malnati's:

Feed a hungry family of six, no prob. Or just six hungry late night revelers. Opening soon right next to Bowtruss.

Eris Cider House:

Eris will be Chicago's first cider brewing house when it opens later this year or early next. They're moving into a great old building right on Irving Park, about a 10 minute walk from Basecamp SFH.

Cochinita Taco Co:

To not like tacos is simply un-American. Yes we see the irony in that statement. Thankfully, owners at BasecampSFH will have a top tier taco option in the 'hood.

Old Irving Brewing:

After having one too many at Old Irving Brewing, remember to have the Uber stop at Lou Malnati's on the way home to Basecamp SFH. This is a judgement free zone.


Do hippies still play music during lunch time? We hope so.


They make shopping for booze a learning experience you will definitely soon forget.


Finally, in Illinois, a reason to like something...anything, from Wisconsin.

Not new in Old Irving Park, but still incredible:

Community TavernBread + WineSmoque

And then of course, let us not forget the all time original great, Sabatino's.

Feel like you gained weight just reading this blog post? Not to worry, Irving Park offers plenty of options for working off those extra calories; including First Ascent ClimbingX Sport, cross fit, and yoga.


Be sure to contact us today for a tour of the neighborhood and our model onsite!

Why Design Matters

Why Design Matters

Ranquist Development Group has a solid reputation for building design-forward projects in Chicago's emerging neighborhoods. We believe good design should weigh every project decision. Simply put, design matters. Now more than ever, design sells.

The Basecamp SFH team hosted a VIP, agent only event at CH Distillery on January 28th, 2016. We assembled an expert panel to speak about design trends and what matters most for today's buyers. Here is a small sample of some of the lively topics discussed:

Who is buying in 2016?

The city of Chicago is a hub for innovation and growth in new industries. These tend to attract Millennial buyers who are not only looking to live well, but also looking to live smart. The buyers of 2016 are extremely mobile and know how to navigate the city in order to find the best places to hang out. The location of their home as well as the involvement in their community will be important in 2016.

Home design- What matters? What features sell?

In modern home design it is important to focus on the quality of life of people. Living large is a thing of the past, now people are looking to live efficiently, in order to spend time doing the things they love. Design features go beyond finishes and into the amount of rooms and spaces homes provide. For example, it is better to have 3 medium size bedrooms, instead of 2 large ones. Levels of separation and privacy in the home allow people to live more functionally. Having outdoor space is always a plus since many people in Chicago love pets and a good summer bbq.

Finally, the location of residences is incredibly important. People are more inclined to use public transportation in the city and living in a place close to that, is a must. 

What are the future design trends to look for?

Future trends will include more efficiency. Efficiency in the way spaces are organized. Efficiency in the way the home connects to smart devices. Efficiency in the way the home's HVAC systems operate. Future trends will stay away from large homes that have to be cared for with financial resources as well as personal ones like time. Instead, people will be able to care for their home

Where is Chicago's next great neighborhood?

Chicago is expanding! Neighborhoods on the rise include Pilsen, Logan Square, Old Irving Park, Portage Park among others located in the North West side of Chicago. Because of the easy access to Chicago public transportation and the connectivity of the city, people are moving slightly farther away from the loop and seeking more space for better living. The neighborhoods close to the loop are saturated with high prices and condos. For the ones who are looking for more attainable single family homes or better design, staying in the city but away from the loop is the better choice. 


We want to thank all of the professionals that attended the event. The conversation was interesting and we believe that in order to promote good design, events like these make a difference. We hope to host more in the future so follow us on Facebook to stay tuned!

Basecamp SFH By The Numbers

Basecamp SFH By The Numbers


Basecamp SFH comes to life in 2016.

Watch our drone video for a glimpse of how we are working hard to deliver Chicago's largest and most exciting new single family home community, Basecamp SFH.

These design forward, efficient single family homes live large without the big price tag. True 4-5 bedroom detached single family homes with private yards and detached garages, nestled around a dedicated park in an established neighborhood. Starting in the mid $500's. It may be hard to believe from the video, but our first few lots will arrive Spring of 2016.

Hard hat tours of our framed models are now being scheduled. Contact us to secure your time onsite to see the transformation first hand.


A Custom Kitchen For Every House

A Custom Kitchen For Every House

At Basecamp SFH, we wanted to drive design forward in every aspect of the home. Because of this we hired an award-winning Chicago architect, Vladimir Radutny, to design a custom kitchen for each of the different floor plan types. We also wanted to support local manufacturers and produce the cabinetry in Chicago. Below are four questions answered from the designer that highlight the importance of the custom features of the kitchens.

1. What was the inspiration for your work? 

We tried to think of cabinetry design more or less as how we would approach designing furniture. Since the kitchen element is such a visible and interactive part of the ground floor, it needed to appear less like a typical kitchen one would expect to see. It needed to be light in appearance, provide sense of depth, and articulate materiality where one can appreciate the difference from what is typically expected for a home at this price point.

We gathered a lot of inspiration from Henry Built. These kitchens are bit more scandinavian. Less gloss and more wood when compared to the typical cabinetry package which you find everywhere in the Chicago market. This was a breath of fresh air for us. 

2. In your opinion, what are the advantages to designing and manufacturing local? 

It’s a question that should be answered with another question, why not? We work with so many great local cabinet makers and millworkers that bringing them into this project makes all the sense in the world.

The reason factory made products are cheaper is because they are produced on a mass scale. One can only vary a few parts within what has been established. Then the design becomes about moving the material options around and nothing else.

In our case, we have designed custom cabinetry specifically for this development only with an intent of easily producing multiples, adding an economy of scale to something that is typically missing in custom fabrication. We get the best of both worlds, quality, uniqueness and affordability.

3. What are some of your favorite design features of the cabinets? 

The cabinet pulls. I am very happy with how this detail turned out, the seamless integration of stainless steel within the wood panels. It was a very deliberate decision from the beginning to focus on how one opens the doors and drawers. That is what really sets these kitchens apart, attention to detail and integration of parts.

4. Were there any major challenges in ironing out the working drawings with the millworker? 

Not anything specific. The greatest challenge was to figure out a sensible way to integrate a standard size refrigerator within the overall composition of each kitchen type.





Financing FAQ's

Financing FAQ's


We get that when it comes to understanding the financing for your new single family home, it can feel downright scary. Believe it or not, you can likely afford a single family home at Basecamp SFH.

The following are common questions regarding new home financing:


Can you explain the new home buying and financing procedure in a step-by-step process?

  1. Get Pre-Qualified. It can take less than 20 minutes. Click here to start.
  2. Meet w/ our sales team. We're ready when you are!
  3. Choose your new home. Pick the floorplan, elevation, and lot which is perfect for you.
  4. Sign a contract, put down a refundable deposit. Claim your new home!
  5. After attorney review period, put down non-refundable deposit. Lock it in with as little as 5% down.
  6. Choose your home's design options and finishes. This is the fun part.
  7. Lock in a long term rate with Kelly at Wintrust.
  8. Stay up to date on the construction process at our blog. Seeing is believing.
  9. Get final notice to close on your new home. It's about to get real.
  10. Receive your final loan approval. You're almost "home" free. Get it?
  11. Final walk-through and closing. Pop the champagne, you did it!
This process can take as little as 90 days, but as long as 6-9 months if your new home is later in our delivery schedule.

How do I know if I can afford a new home at Basecamp SFH?

Rule of thumb is to take your gross yearly income of your household before taxes, multiply by 35%, then divide by 12 months. However, student loans and other debts, along with other assets play a big part in this calculation. Try this mortgage calculator.
Or, the simplest way to be sure is to get pre-qualified. Start by clicking here.

What is included in my monthly mortgage payment?

PITI is the simplest way to remember. Principle. Interest. Taxes. Insurance. Or maybe "PITI the fool." But don't say that in public, trust us on that one. 

What kind of paperwork do I need in order to get started with a lender pre-qualification?

You are no longer required to provide any paperwork to be pre-qualified. Getting pre-qualified is a straightforward and easy process that can be completed online in about 20 minutes. Get started here!

Which lender should I use?

Our preferred lender is Kelly Price from Wintrust Mortgage. Kelly is most familiar with our project and will help to streamline the process. However, you are free to use whomever you would prefer. Contact Kelly today.

What is the minimum down payment required?

We require 10% down to hold your home. There are very competitive loan programs with 10% down. If you don't have 10% to put down in cash, let us know. We may be able to work with you and Kelly Price to find a solution. Additionally, Wintrust has 5% down loan programs for qualified applicants. 

Why is buying a new construction home better than buying a fixer-upper?

Purchasing a new single family home can be a wise decision. You get the full enjoyment of a new home, customized to your needs, the day you move in; along with warranties on the home and it's finishes. A fixer-upper is great for someone with a lot of time and patience. Remember, you need to buy the house first, then fix it up, potentially while living at your inlaws before even moving in. Fun stuff. Save your marriage, buy new.

I'm currently renting. What are the tax benefits to owning a new home?

As you know, renting provides no tax benefits. Owning a home allows you to deduct your mortgage interest and property taxes, reducing your income tax liability. You can decide to get a big refund once a year, or claim more dependents on your W2 form to recapture that incentive in smaller increments on every paycheck.

I have an existing home to sell. How do I manage this and time the new move correctly?

We do not offer home sale contingencies. However, we work with individual buyers to manage loan qualifications and to align closing dates with enough overlap to allow for an easier move. It won't be pain free but it's definitely doable. We've helped past buyers manage this numerous times in the past. Additionally, you may retain your existing condo or home as an investment and use rental income to offset the expense. Contact Kelly about how you may qualify for your new purchase with rents.

Are options and upgrades included in the loan, or do I have to pay for those separately?

Typically options and upgrades which customize your home are included in the final purchase price, and therefore can be financed. We offer many high quality standard finishes at Basecamp SFH, along with some lovely upgrade options. When you complete your selections process with our interior designer, you will be required to deposit 60% of the total cost of any upgraded selections.

How can I protect myself from rising interest rates?

Fixed interest rates are at an all-time low that may never be seen again. This is a great time to be a home buyer. However, many predict the fed will raise interest rates at least a half point in 2016 alone. Kelly Price at Wintrust offers many competitive long term rate lock programs to avoid this risk. It makes sense to lock in your housing cost and stop worrying about rising interest rates.






Ranquist Development: Committed To Great Design

Ranquist Development: Committed To Great Design

Ranquist Development Group specializes in cutting edge modern residential projects. Founded in 2002 by Bob Ranquist, the group builds unique developments of architectural, environmental and social significance. A commitment to these principles has lead them to be one of the most innovative developers in Chicago.

The following list of projects reflect an incredible amount of thought and planning. The resulting work has been published in a variety of publications including Builder Magazine, Architectural Record, AIA Chicago, Chicago Magazine, amongst many others. Most recently, Ranquist received the Best American Living Award in 2014.

1327 N Wolcott (2015)

Basecamp River North (2015)

Flex House 2 (2015)

747 N Clark (2014)

2239 N Kimball (2014)

Backyard (2014)

Flex House (2013)

Urban Treehouse (2013)

156 W Superior (2006)


The Filament Theater Calls Old Irving Park Home

The Filament Theater Calls Old Irving Park Home


Located at the heart of the six corners business district, on the edge of Portage Park in Chicago is the Filament Theater. A unique black box theater that focuses on developing the arts community, neighborhood and earth through sustainable theater practices. Filament as an organization started in Chicago in 2007. After its inception, the organization performed all over the city, influencing the arts community in a grassroots way. However, in 2011, Old Irving Park was looking to create a pop-up arts project, of which Filament was a part of. After being involved in the Old Irving Park and Portage neighborhoods, Filament Theater decided to set their roots and become an active member of the community. They signed their lease in 2013 and had their first season in 2014. Christian Libonati, Managing Director of the Filament Theater commented, 

We were inspired by the business owners and type of people who live here. There is a lot of high energy in the neighborhood and we wanted to be a part of that.
— Christian Libonati

The types of plays at the Filamont vary greatly depending on the season. The playwrights and plays are from international backgrounds and the adaptations often involve the neighborhood to make them more locally relatable. Overall, the Filament Theater has produced over 6 world premieres, and has been featured in a variety of media including the Chicago tribune and WBEZ news. The Filament Theater aims to create theater in a folk tradition, through which they can share the magic of theater with the audience. The “black box” space, seats 50 to 100 people, and allows the artists to create a completely different environment every time there is a new play. By re-configuring the seating arrangements, the theater happens all around the audience. This unique method of storytelling allows for visitors to be completely engaged and transported to a different environment. One where they can feel the emotions that the artists elegantly portray.

To get an idea of how creative this organization is, you have to learn about their upcoming projects. “Pinocchio: A Folk Musical.” Adapted from the story by Carlo Collodi. With original music and lyrics by Tyler Beattie. And directed by Scott Ferguson, is an expansive, freewheeling, musical adaptation of the beloved fairy tale novel. Six actors will play several characters and perform the entire score live. Instruments may include: Piano, guitar, violin, flute, mandolin, glockenspiel, various percussion instruments and more. “Pinocchio: A Folk Musical” will play from January 22nd to March 6th of 2016.

Some other plays planned for 2016 include: “Scherlock Holme