Ranquist Development is a big believer in building smart new homes. New homes, with edgy architecture and intelligent engineering, designed for a new way of living in Chicago.

There's a mantra at Ranquist Development – Nothing Beats New. Basecamp SFH was born from this philosophy… built from the ashes of an old football helmet factory, renewing 4 acres of prime land within the great neighborhood of Old Irving Park.

Basecamp SFH is ALL NEW. New street, new dedicated park, 48 new homes, new garages, new yards, new neighbors, new community, and a great new way to live in the city of big shoulders.


Basecamp SFH Delivers Exactly What Smart Home Buyers Want

Nothing Beats New means the homebuyer is not only the first one to occupy the home, it means the home buyer not only gets exactly what they want, but also what the NEED. Ranquist Development works with Chicago's best architects to design spaces for modern lifestyles, yet also offers limited customization options for each home.

Nothing Beats New Means No Hidden Surprises

Worried about that water heater going out on a cold day? Wondering how long until the air conditioning quits? Forget about all of it. Nothing Beats New means there are no hidden surprises for home buyers. A new home at Basecamp SFH holds no surprises, just the abundant joy and happiness that comes from a new home. Let's save the surprises for our birthday gifts.

Single Family Homes Built to Stringent Environmental Standards

Nothing Beats New means these new homes are built to high environmental standards. There is better performing HVAC, better insulation, low VOC paint, better performing windows, and new lead free water lines. About the only thing that is not new at Basecamp SFH is the recycled concrete and asphalt used to create the new road and home foundations. But even that is a new way of thinking about road building and renewing yesterdays rubbish and waste, and putting it to good use.

Best in Class Transit Oriented Development

Nothing Beats New means these homes are poised to support a new way of living in Chicago. Basecamp SFH is a Transit Oriented Development (TOD), situated in one of Chicago's oldest neighborhoods, Old Irving Park. Basecamp SFH is built on one of the last large parcels of land available on the northside of Chicago, and it's breathing new life into the neighborhood. By finding the proper balance between TOD density and building homes for people to set down roots in a real community, this innovative project points to a new way for future urban developments to deliver more to residents for less money.

Nothing Beats New Means Peace of Mind

Nothing Beats New is a philosophy that caters to smart home buyers who want great design, clean and contemporary spaces, and great materials and construction. Nothing Beats New delivers incredible value for new home buyers. On the surface, it's economic value that makes sense. Beneath the shiny new surface, Nothing Beats New means delivering the peace of mind and assurance that ONLY a wisely designed and built home can offer.

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