Ranquist Development Group has a solid reputation for building design-forward projects in Chicago's emerging neighborhoods. We believe good design should weigh every project decision. Simply put, design matters. Now more than ever, design sells.

The Basecamp SFH team hosted a VIP, agent only event at CH Distillery on January 28th, 2016. We assembled an expert panel to speak about design trends and what matters most for today's buyers. Here is a small sample of some of the lively topics discussed:

Who is buying in 2016?

The city of Chicago is a hub for innovation and growth in new industries. These tend to attract Millennial buyers who are not only looking to live well, but also looking to live smart. The buyers of 2016 are extremely mobile and know how to navigate the city in order to find the best places to hang out. The location of their home as well as the involvement in their community will be important in 2016.

Home design- What matters? What features sell?

In modern home design it is important to focus on the quality of life of people. Living large is a thing of the past, now people are looking to live efficiently, in order to spend time doing the things they love. Design features go beyond finishes and into the amount of rooms and spaces homes provide. For example, it is better to have 3 medium size bedrooms, instead of 2 large ones. Levels of separation and privacy in the home allow people to live more functionally. Having outdoor space is always a plus since many people in Chicago love pets and a good summer bbq.

Finally, the location of residences is incredibly important. People are more inclined to use public transportation in the city and living in a place close to that, is a must. 

What are the future design trends to look for?

Future trends will include more efficiency. Efficiency in the way spaces are organized. Efficiency in the way the home connects to smart devices. Efficiency in the way the home's HVAC systems operate. Future trends will stay away from large homes that have to be cared for with financial resources as well as personal ones like time. Instead, people will be able to care for their home

Where is Chicago's next great neighborhood?

Chicago is expanding! Neighborhoods on the rise include Pilsen, Logan Square, Old Irving Park, Portage Park among others located in the North West side of Chicago. Because of the easy access to Chicago public transportation and the connectivity of the city, people are moving slightly farther away from the loop and seeking more space for better living. The neighborhoods close to the loop are saturated with high prices and condos. For the ones who are looking for more attainable single family homes or better design, staying in the city but away from the loop is the better choice. 


We want to thank all of the professionals that attended the event. The conversation was interesting and we believe that in order to promote good design, events like these make a difference. We hope to host more in the future so follow us on Facebook to stay tuned!